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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Home Run Derby is Boring

By Billy Z
 Growing up I always liked the Home Run Derby; maybe that’s why I am so disappointed. 
            Watching the Home Run Derby this year started off by putting a bad taste in my mouth.  Major League Baseball struck out by attempting to reach out to a younger demographic when choosing rapper Pitbull.  Pitbull performed one song to a crowd that seemed passive about the performance.  Pitbull was a reach for baseball, something like Mariano Rivera singing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”, could have been something memorable that would have fired up the crowd just as much.  Missed opportunity.
            After the Pitbull flop, I hoped for some action.  During the first two batters I was not impressed.  Yoenis Cespedes put on the only exciting performance in the first round when he hit 17 home runs.  Other than that the only thing keeping my attention was Bryan Harper’s mustache.
            The All-Star players watching seemed bored while the first round dragged on for an hour and 40 minutes.  Only one player in the first round (Cespedes) hit more than 8 home runs.  To make matters worse for the home crowd, both New York players, Robinson Cano (NYY) and David Wright (Mets), were eliminated in the first round.    
            The second round proved to be more of the same.  Cespedes huge performance in the first round meant that he would take it easy in the second round. Another dragging round, filled with players taking breaks mid-performance, was briefly spiced up when Cespedes hit the truck in center field and broke a window. 
            In the final round, like clockwork Bryce Harper hit only 8 home runs.  Cespedes hit 9 home runs and only used 5 outs. It wasn’t even close.
            I understand that the players in the derby do not want to hurt themselves, or ruin their swing.  I also understand that hitting 8 home runs in 10 outs is pretty impressive, but where is the competition?!  Why should I watch this?  I would rather watch Joey Chesnut shove 69 hotdogs in his mouth than watch what is supposed to be one of the most exciting events in baseball.
            Oh and did I mention that the guy who won the derby, Yoenis Cespedis is not even an All-Star this year?  The Home Run Derby coverage lasted from 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM, that is three hours of glorified batting practice.  Unless I am there and have a chance at catching a ball, I will never watch another Home Run Derby.

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